Sending Wedding Invitations to Out-Of-Town Guests Who Can’t Possibly Attend Print



In most cases, wedding invitations are not sent to those friends and acquaintances who cannot possibly attend the celebration. Since an invitation to a wedding carries an obligation to send a gift, inviting someone who can’t possibly attend makes it look as if you are inviting those friends in order to receive a gift. Also, people with whom your only communication for the past several years has been holiday cards are generally not included on the wedding invitation list either. Any of the above could receive a wedding announcement instead, which carries no gift obligation whatsoever.

There is a flip side to this dilemma. Some good friends who live far away might actually be hurt if you do not send wedding invitation, even if your intent was to spare them from feeling obligated to send a gift for a wedding so far away. These friends, upon hearing news of your engagement, may actually have been making plans to travel to your wedding. In general, always invite truly good friends-even-if they live far away.