The Engagement Party Print



An engagement party is definitely something to celebrate, and a party may be the perfect way for family and friends to toast the future bride and groom. Today’s engagement parties may be as formal or informal as you like- and are by no means mandatory.

The hosts. The bride-to-be parents usually host the engagement party, but any family member or friend may doo so. When families live in different parts of the country, the parents of the bride and groom might each host parties in their hometowns- an alternative to the more traditional post-honeymoon party given by the groom’s family to honour their new daughter –in-law.
What kind of party? Cocktail parties and dinners are popular, but there is no standard party format. Sometimes, engagements are announced at surprise parties. From a casual brunch to a formal reception, there are many possibilities. Whatever suits the couple and guests is just fine.
The guests. Generally the guest list is limited to the couple’s relatives and good friends. It can be as short and as lengthy as you want and can comfortably accommodate. However, it’ poor taste to invite anyone to an engagement party who will not be on the wedding guest list.
Invitations. Written or printed invitations are normally sent, but for an intimate gathering phoned invitations are acceptable.
The announcement. Whether the news will be surprise or is already known among the guests, the host usually the bride’s father, traditionally makes the “official” announcement and leads the toast to the couple.