DIY Clay Flower Pot Centrepiece + Favour Idea Print
Tuesday, 20 January 2015 19:50
If you're trying to plan a wedding on a budget, this DIY tutorial is for you. It's no secret that the best, most affordable wedding details are the ones that perform a double-duty, like these beautiful centrepiece/favour clay flower pots. Not only are they personalized and unique, but they're also the perfect way to decorate your reception tables (for a fraction of the cost that a high-end florist would charge)! Looking for a money-saving favour idea? Let guests know that the flower pots are theres to take home at the end of the night! Trust me, your friends and loved ones will be super impressed.
See below for our tutorial:
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What you’ll need:

· Acrylic or outdoor paint

· Temporary adhesive stencils (I used Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Stencils)

· Clay pot

· Paint brush

· Ribbon or twine

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Start by choosing your stencils and adhering them to the clay pot. Next, begin painting (remember: less is more! If there's too much paint on the brush, the paint could leak under the stencil and smudge). Gently remove stencils while the paint is still wet. 

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Once the paint is dry, fill the pot with potting soil. Get creative with the types of flowers you fill the pot with! I went for cactus-looking buds but any sort of flower will do. If you're strictly using these pots for favours, try planting some lavender, basil or mint seeds! Guests will love watching their potted herbs grow!



Try different colours or designs and don't be afraid to mix and match! Add ribbon or twine so each pot is unique and personalized.