Choosing the Wedding Invitations Print

 “My fiancé and I would like to choose wedding invitations that are more original than the traditional style. My mother says this is tacky. Is there anything wrong with what we want?”

The choice of the wedding invitation style is a matter of personal preference. We offer extensive selection of designs available from which you will undoubtedly be able to find something that pleases you both. Although your choice is non-traditional, it will be no less tasteful


“We want to include the reception information on the wedding invitations and omit the reception enclosure card as well as the return envelope. I heard that this is not a wise thing to do. Is this right?

Your preference is the traditional way of extending a wedding invitation, but it requires that the recipients respond by writing their own note of acceptance or regret. Unfortunately, very few people today are familiar with this procedure. Most will probably think that the enclosure is erroneously missing and do nothing about responding. Therefore, someone will have to do a lot of the phoning to ascertain the number who will actually be attending.  Bear this in mind when you decide whether or not to eliminate the reception enclosure. 


“Many of the guests we plan to invite only know me by my nickname. May I print that name on the wedding invitations?”

No nicknames should be used on formal wedding invitations. Anyone who knows you well enough to be invited to your wedding must be familiar with your last name and will figure out the wedding invitation is from you.